Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Preppy Plates

So, I know my taste are somewhat eclectic at times.
I really love the preppy look that is all the rage right now.
Remember, I am searching for those touches of modern
to add some pops to our rustic cottage decor.

Check out these preppy plates from LA Plates.

You can actually personalize your own!
Super cute!!!

What a great idea for a wedding shower gift for a girlfriend! 
Maybe a baby gift.  Or like I'm going to do.........just treat yourself
You deserve it!  A great price too, only $22 for one plate.
  I'm thinking of doing a group of three.

What do you think??? 
Aren't they great?  Check them out at LA Plates.
Which one is your favorite?
I'm not much for having collections, but what a cute gift idea
someone could give a gift year after year.

Happy Preppy Wednesday!


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