Saturday, January 7, 2012

Getting Inspired to Blog

If you wondered where I've been this week....
to be totally honest, I've been at a blogging roadblock.

I have sat down at the computer nearly every single day with the intentions
on writing my next post.  And every single day...
I got nothing to give ya!

Has this ever happened to you???

Well, it happened to me.
It's not the first time I have felt like that.
(It is the first time I decided to open up & share it with my readers.)
I'm sure it probably won't be the last either.
But, it did certainly make me sit up & take notice.

I wasn't really sure what happened?
The holidays were over.
I had a little down time to relax & refresh myself.
And still nothing....

It wasn't that I didn't feel like it,
nor that I wasn't motivated.
Or that I don't love blogging.
I LOVE blogging!
I just plain old didn't feel as though I had
anything to say, write about, or new projects to share.

What do you do when you are struggling to find your next inspiration?
Where do you find your inspirations?
Who do you turn to?

I know we all talk about all our "friends" on our blogs.
But truth be told.
I haven't hit that point with blogging, yet where I feel as though I have really developed a
"real" friendship or blogging buddy to turn to.  I can't exactly turn to my family & friends
during those times.  They don't completely get it.  Don't get me wrong my family & friends
are great supporters of my blog.  But they don't blog themselves. 
 And I love and appreciate all of your generous and kind comments...paalease keep them coming:)
But I feel a little alone at this at times.

So, what did I do?
I put on my girl boots.
And I did what any uninspired blogger would do.
I turned to those girls, those bloggers, that first inspired me to start my blog to begin with.

And...Guess What???
Those girls did not disapoint!
No they certainly did not!

So, starting tomorrow look for an introduction to a new short little series I came up with!



  1. glad to hear that. I love your sweet lil blog. Looking forward to what you have in store. Laura

  2. I've been blogging a year and the blogger block has attacked me twice. The first time I was really worried I had lost my mojo. It took several weeks to come out of it. I'm currently dealing with my second case. I just don't have anything to say at the moment. I'm hoping something will inspire me soon. Thanks for sharing all of this. You are so not alone...

  3. Carrie, I would love to be your blogging friend. I have had the block too, but right now, I perking along. Don't know what your style is, but find a store that inspires you mentally and feature it occasionally if they wouldn't mind the free publicity. Ask first.


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