Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Brother's Wedding

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Katie Hall

Married 6.9.12 in Ankeny, Iowa.

This was absolutely a night to remember!
Wishing you both love & happiness for a lifetime.
Love you guys!

I wish I could say I had all these fabulous photos to share.
For someone who normally has my camera attached to my hip.
I must say, I was absolutely way to busy having a fantastic time to take many photos.
Their wedding & reception were everything they dreamed of.
It was heartfelt, touching & CrAzY FUN!
It was great to get a glimpse of how much Matt & Katie truly love one another.
I will have to share more photos once they get them from the photographer.

Here are a few family shots of rehearsal dinner.

Travis, me, Mom, Matt, Katie & Michael

Travis & I

And a few more from the reception.

An extremely special night to remember & cherish for a lifetime,
not just for Matt & Katie, but for our entire family.
Love you guys!

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