Monday, October 3, 2011

Burlap Wrapped Vase Tutorial

Tutes in 20 minutes or less!!!

I couldn't resist sharing one of my favorite simple tutorials anyone
can do at home in 20 minutes or less for Kate's Fall Craft link party!

Let me tell ya it's easy on the ol budget too!

Grab a vase.
(everyone has some kind of vase at home, if not you need a good basic.)
Get some burlap.
I always have some burlap on hand.  It comes in handy:)
It is multi-purpose, cheap and naturally casual and elegant.

Cut your burlap into a long strip that will fit all the way around the vase.
I like to leave some glass peaking through at the top and bottom.
You can let the glass peak or fully cover your vase it's up to you!

Wrap your burlap all the way around your vase cut off any excess if it's too long.
You can put a dab of hot glue if you like.  I didn't.
 I like to be able to easily remove the burlap and reuse my vase without.

Next you'll need some string. 
Another item I like to keep handy.
Wrap your string several times around the vase.
I tried to keep mine fairly centered. 
It does not have to be perfect. 
For me that is part of the casual charm.
Tie it off in the back and...


I added some dried Hydrangeas to mine.
 Perfect Fall casual cottage charm in only 20 minutes & budget friendly.
What more could you ask for???
This simple little project didn't cost a thing because I used things I had.
Normally I like to use flowers from my yard because it's also cost effective.
These are actually the bouquets that my bridesmaids carried at our wedding.
They dried out beautifully!
I love to use things in my decor that have meaning to us.
For me surrounding yourself with those special touches are what let you know your are home.


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  1. Cute project, Carrie. I like the natural feel. It looks great with the hydrangeas.

  2. Well that is just pretty cute! Great idea and so inexpensive. Thank you for stopping by Lakeshore Cottage. Hope you will come back again. You may want to pop back over and throw your name in the hat for my giveaway..a RAMSIGN enamel sign...they have so much character! There aren't very many entered either so your chances are good ;)

  3. I've never even thought of doing rope like this around a glass jar - love it!

  4. Carrie,
    This a darling THRIFTY idea...come over and share it at my NIFTY THRIFTY party...hope to see ya there.


  5. so simple!

    Love it.

    Found you via showmewhatyagot and hope you’ll swing by! I have a great giveaway today:

    best to you.


  6. This is so simple but beautiful!!! I might have to make a few!! Found you over at Not Just a Housewife. Have a great day!!

  7. I just found your blog and am your newest follower. Thanks for creating such a fun blog full of inspiration. I love your project -- so simple and cute!!

  8. Love your blog! Such a cute idea! Please feel free to visit my blog. I am one of your new followers!

  9. This is so pretty. I think I can do it... :)
    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...

  10. What a great idea. I love the look. I love that it quick and easy too!

  11. I'm loving burlap right now. Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing.


  12. That is easy and so pretty! Love this fall update. I am a new follower from Frugal Friday. Vicky from

  13. What a great idea! The project is easy yet the result is wonderful.

    Thanks for your sweet comment today!

    P/S: I am hosting a fabulous giveaway. Come by and enter for a chance to win a stylish designer beach umbrella by Cocopani Australia. (valued at $110) Don't miss it!

    Have a lovely weekend, Carrie.



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