Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lake Geneva ~ End of Summer / Early Fall Getaway

Last week Travis & I celebrated our 3 Year Anniversary on Wednesday 9/12/12.
We decided to take a well deserved break from our hectic daily lives & getaway.
We spent last weekend in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
The Newport of the West.

We arrived early Friday afternoon to the French Country Inn.
What a charming bed & breakfast located just outside of
 downtown Lake Geneva on Lake Como.
The old inn had everything we look for in a relaxing getaway.
I love to stay just off the beaten path & away from the hustle & bustle.
Always looking for the perfect quaint & charming place
 with loads of character to set the mood for our trip.
A real getaway...
Where we could wake up to scenes like this.

On Saturday morning we headed into town to Lake Geneva to be tourists.
We took in the sites of beautiful Lake Geneva.
The Rivera.
Located in the heart of downtown Lake Geneva.
Saturday morning we decided to take a historic tour of the lake.
The Polaris.
All Aboard!
The Walworth.
We took the historic U.S. Mail Boat Tour on the Walworth.
We boarded the 2 hour excursion for a tour of Lake Geneva.
It is a historic tradition on the Lake that still holds true today.
Several historic homes have their mail delivered right to their docks by carriers.
It was absolutely unbelievable to see so many of the Summer homes and estates 
for many of Chicago's wealthiest businessmen and women.
Unfortunately, we sat inside the boat on the lower deck, so I don't have photos of the homes to share.
Next time...I promise!
After our boat tour we headed to Pier 290 in Williams Bay.
Just on the other side of Lake Geneva.
We had the best seafood in the Midwest.
Travis had oysters on the half shell & I had my first lobster roll.
And of course a Wisconsin cheddar soup that was delicious.
I was completely taken away by the aesthetic & decor.
I was trying to be discreet & take just a couple photos.
However, I could have shot every single angle.
I love the modern nautical, casual yet sophisticated interior design.
We had a fantastic weekend away celebrating our 3 Year Anniversary!
Lake Geneva was well worth the trip.


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Renovation ~ Inspiration Images

We are coming to the point in our renovation where we are putting the
 finishing touches on the structural build.
It is almost time to begin the siding, windows & doors.
Before you know it we will be on to the finishing of the mechanicals & beginning the inside finishes.
I have waited & waited for this part.
It is time to begin planning some of the small details that will turn this project
 from a pipe dream into reality & our dream home.
I have spent some time lately really trying to sift through all of my thoughts/plans/etc.
(And maybe a just few dozen Cottage Living Magazines I have stashed over the years.)
Afterall this may be the last home we ever live in.
It needs to be right & encompass as many of our hopes & aspirations as possible.
You know the thoughts like.
Maybe one day I would like to have...
In my dream home...
If I could choose anything it would be...
I have to have one of these...
The images I have found here truly capture the overall
 look feel & aesthetic I am hoping to achieve in our new home.
I thought I would share some of what we were going through in our renovation life currently.
Even though these are not images from our home a large part of renovating is being inspired.
I have to remind myself from time to time how worth it this will all be in the end.
Here's to the Renovators!
Have a great weekend!
I pinned this image this morning & I thought I would share it.
It gives me a quiet sense of comfort & calm.
Reno Update:
Our Renovation is still moving along.
Travis finished the new roof.
The interior framing is complete.
Last weekend we ordered our windows.
And we are anxiously awaiting their arrival.
I also have begun to plan our kitchen cabinet layout.
Very exciting!
I'll post photos soon, but for now I needed a finished feeling photo to inspire me.
Maybe it will inpsire you too.


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