Sunday, January 30, 2011

you want to do what....

So, I'm sure I have mentioned I truly have one of the most kind and generous husbands.
Yesterday, that husband of mine came home from work Saturday afternoon much like any other Saturdays.  Imagine my surprise when he told me that my father-in-law was getting rid of an old dirty bolt cabinet and he had brought it home. 

(Hmm starting to sound intersting.)

He explained to me how he thought I may like it. 
But on second thought, he thought it wouldn't be something I would not have any interest in.
Too dirty, too old, from the garage.....definitely not my style.
So, he thought he knew of a buddy who may want it.

Now, wait just a minute!
You want to do what???

 Doesn't he know there is no such thing as too old or too dirty?
 I definitely need to see this before we just give it away.

Uh, no way! 
We are definitely not going to give this little beauty away!
A good scrubbing, a little sanding and maybe a bit of paint that's all she needs!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

stripes stripes stripes

I have noticed lately that I really have a thing for stripe patterns.

I have been planning in my mind how perfect our back porch will be once it's complete.
Then I realized.....I need a really great rug
to introduce another textural element to the room.
I've noticed all the rooms I love tend to send your senses on overdrive!
You know that feeling when you become overwhelmed for just
a moment because there is so much to take in.  That is what I'm looking for!

Here is what I found.

Versa Steel

and Blue Versa both from Madeline Weinrib

Well unfortunately these options are a little pricey.  Ahh, a girl can dream!

Here is the more affordable option I found.

Lakehouse Slate
Captain Navy
and Yact Stripe Sprout

All of these are from Dash and Albert


Saturday, January 22, 2011

just when i thought i had seen it all

Just when I thought I had seen all the bedroom inspiration I needed.

Love came along.......

You know what they say when it's true love, you just know.
I know all I need to know now.  I have been true love inspired!

I just want to thank Melanie from My Sweet Savannah for featuring
this DIY headboard this week. 
It was actually a DIY project that Dana from House Tweaking did.
I really truly LOVE this project.  I can't wait to finish our bedroom!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


bedding perfection

I discovered Matteo linens

enough said........

Apparently I may be spending to much time lately resting
dreaming of the perfect bedding ensemble.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

natural hints

Natual hints of spring come our way. 
I got the new PB catalog yesterday. 
I love the time of winter when you realize that spring will be here before we know it.
All of the stores begin to update to new spring merchandise, all of the catalogs and magazines begin to transition.  I think for me spring truly captures all of lifes natural elements perfectly. 
I really hope to incorporate all of these layers of texture, subtle floral, imperfect rustic finishes to create the cottagelike sophistication I have been going for, during the coming year in our home.


Monday, January 3, 2011

it's about time...

Happy New Year to Us!
And all of you of course!
We began this small paint project over 1 and a half years ago (I ripped the painted over wallpaper off the wall of our back porch, not only to find bad paneling underneath, and Travis re-drywalling the entire porch and re-wiring the electrical.........OKAY well, maybe a bit more than a little paint for this one.....)   

And FINALLY TODAY work has resumed on our poor neglected back porch. 
Did I mention being married to a carpenter sometimes means your house is the last one to get remodeled?
Well, I could  not wait to blog about this one!  Progress!  Yeesssss!!!!!
We are using plywood cut into 8 inch wide panels and
staggering them for a rustic inexpensive flooring option.  I will update more later.


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