Monday, January 3, 2011

it's about time...

Happy New Year to Us!
And all of you of course!
We began this small paint project over 1 and a half years ago (I ripped the painted over wallpaper off the wall of our back porch, not only to find bad paneling underneath, and Travis re-drywalling the entire porch and re-wiring the electrical.........OKAY well, maybe a bit more than a little paint for this one.....)   

And FINALLY TODAY work has resumed on our poor neglected back porch. 
Did I mention being married to a carpenter sometimes means your house is the last one to get remodeled?
Well, I could  not wait to blog about this one!  Progress!  Yeesssss!!!!!
We are using plywood cut into 8 inch wide panels and
staggering them for a rustic inexpensive flooring option.  I will update more later.

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