Monday, October 31, 2011

Witches Walk

Happy Halloween!
This is what I was up to this weekend!

{LeClaire Witches Walk}

My hometown sponsors the annual Witches Walk.
It's a super fun time for the kiddos.
Costume Contests, Petting Zoo, Train Rides, Story Telling, Cackle Contest... lots for them to do.

{The Crew}

My family
My little bro Matt & his fiance Katie, my Mom, Michael big bro, myself and Travis
There were many other family, friends and community members who helped too.
Michael made the wooden pallet welcome sign.


Michael and I did all the decorations.
We used corn stalks to wrap the posts.
I made the corn husk pom poms to hang from the ceiling.
Mini haybails, pumpkins and gourds were used for the table tops.
Michael wrapped the corner posts in fabric to soften the look a bit.

To help soften the pavilion Michael wrapped the corner posts in fabric.
Here is a great tip - we used canvas painters drop cloths. 
You can pick these up at your local hardware store for $12-$20 bucks.
It is a perfect inexpensive way to help soften an area like this.
We just used a little twine to tie them back.
It would also be a great fabric to use for a casual outdoor wedding.

{Train Rides}

I made the Train Rides burlap pennants.

{Petting Zoo}

{Our Witches Walkers}

All of the kids and parents line up for the big costume parade.
The kids get to walk through our downtown area showing off their costumes
 and all the businesses pass out candy.

{Thanks for Coming}


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We are Being Featured at Remodelaholic

I'm so excited to let you all know that we are being featured today!!!

We are being featured at Remodelaholic!
Thank you so much to Cassity and Justin!
They are so sweet to feature our project.
I just love their blog.

We posted about our bathroom redo a few weeks ago.  You can read more here.
So head on over and check out Remodelaholic to see our mod cottage bathroom transformation feature.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Festival in LeClaire This Weekend

I thought I would share a little bit about what I'm up to this week.


This Saturday is the Annual Witches Walk in LeClaire, Iowa.

It's a free Halloween event the town puts on for the kids 
and a great opportunity to give back to the community.
There is a costume contest, activities and the kids get to parade down main street
collecting candy and showing off their get ups.  It's a great time for everyone!

My brother Michael, my Mom and I are the event coordinators.
We have done it for the last few years.
This year my little brother, Matt and his fiance Katie are coming to town to help out.
We've recruited a few other friends and family members to help out for the big event too.
It should be a fun time!

I have lots to do still!!!

{My to do list}

1. Make Corn Husk Pom Poms
2. Make Burlap Witches Walk Pennant
(can you say procastination)
3. Make Sponsor Signs - check
4. Make Activity Flyers - check

If you are in the Midwest or anywhere near
LeClaire, Iowa bring the little ones!
We would love to have you!

Also - Only 3 Days Left to Register for the {Dream} Pillow Giveaway!
You can still register here.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Caitlin Wilson Textiles

Have you all seen these yet???

You know I feel about Navy!

Oh my goodness these are so lovely!

Caitlin Wilson
Has launched Caitlin Wilson Textiles!
You can see more here.
You can also check out her blog here.

all photos via Caitlin Wilson Textiles

These fabrics are simply beautiful.
So modern and fresh and easily mixed and matched. 
I can't wait to go shopping!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

{Dream} Pillow Giveaway

Hey there!

We are sponsoring a our first Giveaway this week!!!
I'm super excited about this little cutie.
I hope you will be too.

{Dream Pillow}
Isn't it adorable?

It's a 12 x 12 little cutie with a poly fill.
It's a linen like fabric with chambray stripes
and the word DREAM is stitched in a blue stitching.

{Dream Pillow Giveaway}
Wanna Win???
Here's how!

You will recieve an entry for each.
1. You must become a follower of The Corson Cottage
and leave a comment introducing yourself :)
2. Head on over to our Facebook page and "Like" Us.
3. Come back here and leave a comment letting us know!
4. Post this giveaway on your blog & leave another comment letting us know about your post.

Please leave all comments on this post for entries.
Giveaway ends at 12:00am on Saturday 10/29/11
What are you waiting for???
Get to it!


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Homemaker on a Dime

Fall Vase Fillers

I thought I would share a few of my ideas for filling up all Fall vases, tubs, pots, etc.
Here I filled up these small vases with hay from those mini little haybails you see at the craft store.
They are usually only a about $2 and you can unwind the wire and use the hay to filler up!
They sell larger sizes too, so if you have a larger vase you can try the larger sizes.

Here I just simply cut some twine and wound it up into the
vase in a cylinder like fashion.

By know you all know I feel about Hydrangeas.
I love me some hydrangeas!
So for Fall I love to used dried Hydrangeas.
You can bring them inside in summer when they are still fresh.
Don't throw them out....I always keep them around for Fall.
They dry perfectly!

Happy Fall!

Don't forget to register for our first Giveaway this week!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

Have any of you seen the latest issue of House Beautiful?

They feature the 2011 Kitchen of the Year designed by Tyler Florence.
You can read about it here.

It is old world meets modern living.

photos via House Beautiful

This dining space is fantastic. 
 I love the eclectic mix of dining chairs.
I also love that the chair are modern and sophisticated yet cozy.
There is nothing better than family meals around a table that is
comfortable enough to sit at for hours.

What do think? 


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Modern Stencil

After my last post about the Moroccan Stencil it got me thinking.

I really love some of the modern stencils that are out there today!
Boy haven't those stencils come a loooonnggg way from the
green ivy leaves and hearts.

Here are a few I of my favs that I pinned.

I seriously can not wait to get into our new house.
I am just storing away tons of new ideas.
It sometimes is tough having our house on the market.
I just want to tear into my next project.
I just keep repeating that to myself.
It will be worth the wait!

Kate from Centsational Girl recently posted about her stencil project.
It turned out just beautiful.

Have you tried a stencil project recently???
I would love to hear about it!


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Moroccan Stencil

Check out this Moroccan Stencil from Kristen F. Davis Designs.

Isn't it just simply perfect!
She has just started selling her stencil for only $50.
What a great high style design look for less!

Here they show it used as a wall stencil, but you could even stencil a rug.
Or I think it would be fabulous on a old wood floor!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mod Cottage Bathroom Redo

How we took our drab boring bathroom to fresh mod cottage!

Here is our upstairs bathroom before.

Our bathroom walls are just a simple white satin by Behr.
They were actually a lovely pastel seafoam green when we moved in.
It was BB (Before Blogging.)


With just a few simple touches we went from drab to fab.
A rustic vintage table I picked up from a local junk shop for $10.
There is not a lot of storage, so I used a large basket to roll up our towels.

I used a vintage wire basket to store the t. paper.

The 2 prints came from Dwellings. 
I've actually had them for several years.
From my apartment living days.
And a vase with a pop of fresh green.

I love nothing more than simple white walls. 
I think it really allows for the rooms colors and textures to stand out.
You can help let your warm wood tones stand on their own.
I love to do this when I have a vintage wooden piece I've added to a room.
I think the crisp white walls, rustic wooden table, and modern prints
are the perfect mod cottage mix.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Imperial Trellis Trend or Classic

You know in my search to find the perfect mod fabrics to mix in my cottage decor.
I have fallen in love with Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis.

I know....I know....

It has been all over blogland for a quit a while now.
I have not discovered a hot new trend.
But I have to tell you every single time I see something in this fabric
I fall head over heals!

So, I ask you.
Fabric fashion trend that has been here and gone?
Or casual elegant modern classic?

I know how I feel.
And...I'm sure from the look of my blog header, I'm sure you can tell.

A Little Bit About Me

Hey there everyone!
Well apparently I'm a little bit special this week ;)
I won an award, actually I won it twice!

Thanks to Inspire Me Heather for choosing me!
You are so kind to choose me.
Her blog is really cute too, check it out!
And thanks so much to Michele from Shelstring for choosing me too!
Cute blog make sure to stop by and check her out too.

The rules for this award are:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave the award to you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Send it along to 15 other bloggers and let them know you have awarded them!
{7 Things About Me}

1. There is nothing I want more in the world than to be a
Mom and my husband to be a Dad.
2. I'm a total chocoholic.
3. I really love photography!  A passion I got from my father that I cherish.
He took me on my first outing to take pics of our little river town LeClaire when I was 12.
It's just been recently that I have ventured out and taken some candid shots of people.
Up until now it has strictly been landscapes, still life and interiors.

4. I absolutely have a thing for navy blue right now!
Especially..imperial trellis, chevron stripes, and greek key.

5. I only wear things that have somewhat neutral and earth tones.
Beige, Brown, Camel, Navy, Green, Grey, White
I don't venture into to much color or pattern.  Although I am into stripes at the moment.
I have no idea why.  I love when others do and do it well.  I have a good eye for fashion.
But I am fairly simple...denim jeans and a good ol layered cable knit sweater and boots.  Done.

6. I worked in executive retail management and merchandising for 11 years working a
 zillion hours before becoming a Legal Associate and working 8-5 Mon-Fri. 
And now blogging nights and weekends.
 And oh yeah, working for my big bro at Dwellings now too.

7. While I love my simple cottage decor and always will. 
I really want to venture out and step it up a notch.
I am loving all the more modern looks and inspiration that I have found through blogging.
Before I met my husband my apartment was totally West Elm mod. 
Now I think I've gone too far the other way.  I'm looking to find a nice balance.
I'm going to call my new look mod cottage.

{Here are the 15 blogs I've chosen}

Many have been the inspiration behind my quest for a new fresh updated interior.
And probably totally out of reach for the moment until we are in our new home.
And others are a  few of my new friends.

1. 6th Street Design Studio
2. Danielle Oakey Interiors
3. Emily A Clark
4. Caitlin Creer Interiors
5. Ten June
6. Classic Casual Home
7. Modern Jane
 8. Dear Lillie
9. Cottage & Vine
10. Blissfully Ever After
11. A Little Bit of Lovely
12. Lucite + Lavendar
13. Holly Mathis Interiors
14. The Modern Cottage Company
15. The Blooming Hydrangea

I hope you'll check them out they are all great blogs with tons of inspiration!


Friday, October 14, 2011


Oh my goodness!
I have totally been MIA this week.

As some of you know I have a full-time day job.
It was a crazy week in the office!  I miss all my blog buddies:)

Just a little living room inspiration photo.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dwellings Fall 2011

Happy Sunday!

Hope you all had a wonderful Fall weekend!
It was absolutely beautiful weather here all weekend long.
We had a chance to get out and enjoy some of the Midwest Autumn leaves today.

I know I mention my older brother's store Dwellings from time to time.
I thought I would share some Fall 2011 photos from Dwellings.
I also have big news to share about Dwellings today!!!

This morning Dwellings had a special visitor.
The editor of Apartment Therapy stumbled upon the store.
Guess what???
They will be doing a feature on his shop!!!

I'm so excited for Michael.  He really is so talented!
He works really hard at what he does and does it so well.
You would never expect his home decor shop to be in LeClaire a small little river town.
He is truly my biggest inspiration and definitely one of the people I look up to most!

I will be sure to let you all know when the feature posts.
I can't wait to share it!
Michael is totally not a self promoter and would probably nearly die if he read my post today.
He is extremely modest. 
Oh well....what's a little sis to do! 
Somebody has to tell everyone how great her big bro is!

I keep telling him one day he IS going to let me share is home.
It is absolutely the perfect mix of fresh modern and industrial vintage. 

Isn't this stool FAB!
I so want this.

The store is never the place twice.  There is always a fresh new look.
He is constantly changing the merchandise with the season.

I'm also excited because I will be helping out at Dwellings for the holidays.
If you are looking for a fun weekend trip in the Midwest I highly recommend LeClaire, Iowa.
Stop by and visit Michael at Dwellings!  We are only 2 1/2 hours from Chicago.


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