Monday, August 29, 2011

Home Staging Tips

I thought I would share my top ten home staging tips with you today.

our kitchen and dining room
So far we have received some very positive feedback from potential buyers and realtors both.
I'll let you know just as soon as we get that special someone who makes it happen for us!

Here are a few of the things we did and some other ideas to help prepare our home for the resale market.
Here is an example of how we decluttered our dining room to prep for resell.



1. Curb Appeal 
 Add a welcoming touch from the street. 
One easy inexpensive way to do this is by adding exterior shutters to your home.  If you already have them maybe give them a fresh coat of paint.  Add a pop of color to an old worn out door. 
Add some landscaping.

2. Declutter!
3. Declutter!
4. Declutter! 
Are you getting the hint???

5. Remove Furniture Without Purpose
Remove any unnessary or unused furniture and rearrange existing furniture into spaces that make a room usable to potential buyers.  Don't be afraid to use a chair you purchased for your living room in an open space in another part of your home.  If you aren't using it perhaps you can put it in storage temporarily.
(My Mom was so gracious as to let us store some items in her basement.)

6. Depersonalize
Remove any and all overloaded decor.  Keep it simple.
Do not use gender specific decor (loose the doilies and really flowery items.)
If you do not plan on using something for 6 months, Pack it Up!
You will be one step closer to moving day:)
Remove personal photos of family and friends.
Leave wall hangings to a minimum (choose your focal spots to accentuate.)

7. Fresh Paint
Add a fresh coat of paint to a dark room. 
Add fresh paint to chipped trim and door jams.
Stick to neutral colors where possible.

8. Don't forget the closets!
Closet space is important to potential buyers.
Don't forget to clean your closets of clutter and unnessary items.
Box items up neatly.  Keep closets easy to access.  If it's a walk in - you need to be able to walk in it!
Try using storage baskets in closets to hide all personal items you need to keep around but don't really want open house goers to see.

9. Lighting
Make sure each room had adequate lighting.
Open up the blinds and let the sunshine in on open house day!
Turn on lights for showings.

10. Don't forget flooring.
Clean any and all flooring stains.  Have carpets professionally cleaned.
Where possible replace flooring where budget allows.
Refinish hardwoods with a little sweat equity.

I hope these handy tips help!
Let us know if you need any help coming up with ways to prepare your home for resale.
I'm all ears!  I'd love to give you a few hints! 




  1. Thanks for sharing those tips regarding home staging. I'm actually looking for post regarding that, glad that I found yours.

  2. Carrie, these are great tips! Thanks so much for sharing with the Roomspiration party!

  3. Yep, you don’t have to go overboard when staging your house. The main concern of buyers is how they’re going to use the rooms anyway. In that essence, you should focus on making the room clean, simple, and of course functional.

  4. These are wonderful tips, Carrie! Aside from the financial, legal and security aspects that buyers consider, they also think about how the house appeals to them the moment they see it. And, of course, staging raises the value of the home, therefore giving the owners a chance to land a deal quickly.

    Kristopher Washington

  5. This is a good list, Carrie! Your dining room looks light and welcoming with that fresh light blue paint. This just goes to show that simple home staging makes your home more appealing to buyers.


I love your comments! I appreciate each and every cottage visitor and hope you willll come back again soon! Carrie


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