Sunday, July 8, 2012

Candlelight ~ On the River

We have had an absolutely unbearable heat wave here in the Midwest for the past two weeks.
Well, on Saturday we finally had enough.
We left behind the never ending list of projects of our renovation life & took some us time.
We headed North of LeClaire along the Mississippi River about 25 minutes.
We had lunch at the Candlelight.

We had never been here before, although we had heard that it was a great trip by boat.
Unfortunately, we have not got our feet wet just yet to become boaters.
Someday very soon after the renovation is complete on our house, I'm sure a boat will be next.
Afterall, why not when you live your life on a great stetch of little rivertowns.
But for now, we settled for the relaxed drive through the country alongside the river.

A view of the restaurant from the docks.
They actually had an excellent menu.
We were both totally in the mood for seafood.  We were so pleased to find this little hidden gem.
This will definitely be a new regular on our list.
We love to find out of the way local places to eat.
This was a perfect casual relaxing lunch & little afternoon getaway.
A view of the docks.

The lighthouse.

My impatient husband letting me know that it's getting way to hot & our trip was about to end.
We were so full.  I think he was ready for an afternoon nap.

The heat wave finally ended the following day.  Thank goodness!!!
Don't worry....we were right back at it, on our renovation bright & early Sunday morning.
I have learned one thing while living life through a renovation.
It is still important to take time for you no matter what.
The list of projects will still be there waiting when you return, revived, refreshed & ready to go.

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