Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Renovation ~ Walls are Going Up

The walls are going up on our renovation!
It's amazing what just a day can do in framing.
The addition is going to be our master bedroom, master bath,
a laundry room & a second bath & will give us the ability to make our kitchen much larger.

This is so exciting to see for the first time.
It really is an amazing feeling the first time you walk in & start to see how things will take shape.

I'm so forntunate my husband is a great carpenter & has great friends to help out too.
While he is a great carpenter, he is an even better framer that is his specialty.

Our master bedroom, master bath, & a walk in closet in the back left corner.

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  1. This is nice. Having a great master bedroom with a walk in closet is a must these days.... Things are looking mighty good there!


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