Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Renovation ~ Choosing Exterior Siding Part 1

For all of you who enjoy following along on Our Renovation Journey,
you will be excited to hear that things are progressing nicely, actually even as I type this post.
But, I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on our progress.
A few weeks ago Travis & I finalized our exterior siding choice for our home.
This was not an easy decision!
There are so many options available, it is so hard to choose.
Wood shakes, wood clapboard, fiber cement shakes, fiber cement clapboard,
 vinyl shakes, vinyl clapboard, and colors and textures....etc.
It can be a bit overwhelming!
Travis gave me a few stipulations to work with when it came to our siding choice.
1. Must Stay within budget!
2. Stay in Budget!!
3. If at all possible choose Certainteed products. 
He works with these materials everyday, and Certainteed Siding is his #1 choice.
We are not being compensated for saying that. 
It is simply a presonal preference of his, as a contractor.
Certainteed materials are affordable, durable, readily available in our area
and in his opinion withstand the warm and humid Summers and cold, snow filled Iowa winters.
Here are my personal choices in order.
1. Wood Shake Siding - $$$$
If I could have anything in the world I wanted & that hasty budget word didn't keep popping up,
without a doubt it would be cedar wood shake ciding.  I will tell you now this option is out, but it was
still fun to search for the perfect wood shake home on Pinterest and for inspiration.
Vinyl Shakes are a great option if you are looking for durability
and still want that rough look of real cedar shakes. 
They actually have many different options in the varying types of shakes
which are molded from real cedar shakes.
Similar to wood cedar clapboard siding look, but with the durability of vinyl.
Made to look like natural wood.
Maintenance free and budget friendly double 4"
vinyl clapboard siding has a natural textured wood grain appearance.
Which one do you think we chose???
Staytuned to find out!
I will post Part 2 of Choosing our Exterior Siding soon!
Gotta run....before the hubs thinks I bailed on him:)
Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. I'm thinking option 4? Hard when there are budgets to stick to. Ha ha

  2. I think some of two and three. Maybe the peaks in two? I give up, so difficult to decide. You will make it stunning I am sure!

  3. I think it all looks great. We have stucco on our house, so the sidings you show are beautiful....Can't wait to see...

  4. Option 4 is really the best choice, not only budget wise, but I think that it would also look great! It has a lighter color than the roof and that, I think, is what makes a pretty house. Some walls or sidings that have loud colors even don't complement with the roof, but they look good.

  5. Siding samples #1 and 4 will surely look good along with the color of the roof compared to options #2 and 3, which is almost as the same color as the roof but creating less variety. However, budget-wise, option #4 is indeed the best.

    Aubrey Mullins

  6. It wouldn't even be obvious that you are trying to save on budget if you chose the Certainteed Mainstreet Vinyl Siding. To be honest, it doesn’t really look all that different from the others, but that’s judging from the photos. Though I’m quite sure that the noticeable differences are only so few. I personally think that the design will surely make the house look gorgeous.

    Sandra Ludwig

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