Saturday, July 9, 2011

I was blog surfing this morning and came across this AMaZIng home
I had to share with you.  I'm sure some of you in blog land may have seen it. 

It was featured by Erin at House of Turquiose
This is actually the home of Cristi and Jeff one their readers.
They built this home in Lindon Utah.
They were fusing Hawaii with Coastal Hamptons style. 
It is beautiful!
Cristi owns a photography business in Utah Hiya Papaya.
Obviously she is extremely creative and has great style.

I must say I never realized Utah was so stylish!
After living the blogging life...........Utah seams to have it going on if you know what I mean!



  1. It is beautiful. Love the charm and character of the shingles, and the water blues inside are gorgeous!!

  2. Thanks Design Chic for commenting :) I have been blogging for a while now and sometimes you wonder if there is anyone out there. You made my day! By the way I checked out your blog and have a new fav to add to my list.


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