Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Dining Table Decor ~ Part 1

It's been busy busy here at The Corson Cottage.
I've been putting all the finishing touches on our Holiday Decor.
I'm super exicted to share it with you all!!!
We will be partying with some of my favorite blogs this week.

Holiday decorating has always had a special place in my heart.
I think it is truly one of my earliest decorating memories from my childhood.
My Mom always took the time to make sure we were always
making memories while cherising each special moment of the holiday season.
This year as I decorated for the holidays it just reminded me of those special times.
I suppose now it is my turn to create those special memories while
creating a {Home for the Holidays} here at The Corson Cottage.

So, here is our Holiday Dining Table reveal.

Welcome {Home for the Holidays} with the Corson Cottage.

I found these lanterns at my brother's store Dwellings and absolutely fell in love.
I knew I had to have them for my dining table.
I added some fresh greens to the table and the lanterns to complete the look.
A few red ribbons layered in and done.

Inside the lanterns I used three white candles and some green moss to finish it off.

I hung a fresh wreath in the window and tied it with a simple red ribbon.
It kind of started a trend for me with the red ribbons this year.
Normally I do not use much red in my decor.
But I totally went for this year! 
 I mean we are just screaming Holidays around here!

This is the everyday look of our dining table.
For now it is just Travis & I, no kiddos yet.
So, we honestly don't eat at our dining table daily.
But, I did decide to do a seperate post to show our Holiday dining tablescape options. maybe I got a little camera happy:)
But heck.... I guess I just got in that good ol holly jolly holiday spirit!
To see more you can check it our here.

This is the view from our back porch that is attached to our kitchen.

So, I'm gonna be partying with my all time favorite blogger tomorrow!
Head on over to Layla's at The Lettered Cottage for the party!
Layla's blog was the first blog I totally came across accidentally in a google search.
I swear I litterally read every post......all the old archives.....
if she said hey go here...I went.....if she said I'm following these blogs.....I followed......
I mean cover to cover just like a great book you can't put down.
I had NO idea there were all these crazy people out there JUST LIKE ME
Decorating Obsessed Enthusiasts.  Who knew???
So, thanks Layla!  You are still my #1 daily read.

Oh yeah....I almost forgot
With The Corson Cottage Every Friday in December!
I hope to see you there!


  1. Beautiful! I love the ribbon on the backs of the chairs. Simple yet festive!

  2. Looks wonderful! The lanterns really fit well in the table and the red ribbons really give the room a pop of color! Saw you at Layla's Party!

  3. Beautiful!! Love those ribbons on the chairs too!!Visiting from Layla's

  4. LOVE those lanterns too!
    Oh the things you can put in them:)

  5. Your Holiday decor is simple and beautiful- and not too overwhelming. Love it!!

  6. Looks great! Love those big lanterns, how fun to change with the seasons and holidays!

  7. So pretty and classic. I LOVE the red accents. I'll be joining your party tomorrow! Thanks for the invite.

  8. Those lanterns are amazing and especially with the fresh greens and red ribbon! Love the ribbon on the chairs too!


  9. I love how this is so simple yet has a big impact. Great work! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Lauren @

  10. It's like I'm looking at a Potterybarn Magazine! Everything is BEAUTIFUL!

    I'm joining 8 bloggers in hosting Blogging Around the Christmas Tree Party and today’s feature is Christmas Scapes at my place! I’d love to have you join up, the party is just beginning!

    XO, Aimee from

  11. absolutely LOVE those lanterns! and the pop of red looks great with the gray!

  12. You know I'm LOVING this!!! Inspiration for next year's tablescape!!!

    Thanks for linking up to my party!
    XO, Aimee from

  13. nice dining table.., it is looking very pretty in your dining hall. i like the two boxes which are kept on your dining table and also red ribbons on chairs.

  14. Hi Carrie, your home was overflowing with christmas decors and I really appreciate your creativity on this thing. The table setting was made simple but I can see the elegance is there.

    Anyway, you might be interested to check my bookmarked cheap tablecloths store I recently stumbled. I have admit I'm really impressed on the affordable prices and discounts they are offering.

  15. beautiful dining table A gorgeous collection full of inspiration.

  16. Working out what style and shape of dining table best suits your lifestyle is easier than you think. With some basic positioning tips, a room plan and some furniture templates, you can do it all on paper first that way, when purchasing pieces, you know they can stay put.


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