Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Renovation - The Foundation

We are adding a large 800 sq. ft. addition to the back of our new house.
The addition will allow this house to become a 3 bedroom 2 bath house.
In order to do that we need to put in a new foundation first.
If you haven't seen the before photos you can see more of our renovation here.

Normally my husband would have subcontracted this part out.
But, since it's a complete DIY project we are doing it ourselves.
And by "we" I mean my husband & some of his friends who are also in the trades.
Thank goodness for all of their help.
The foundation was one of the most difficult parts.

We rented pans that had to be put together as forms for the concrete to be poured.
The pans are extremely heavy. 
But, doing it ourselves saved a ton of money.

Next the concrete truck delivered several tons of concrete and poured the foundation walls.
You actually have to spray the pans before the pour so the concrete doesn't stick to the pans.
I wish I would have been there to see the pour.
Sorry, I missed the photo op. 
I was working.
But, I came home that night to this.

We let the pans set for about two days.
Then they had to remove the pans quickly so that they were not set with the concrete.
Our pans did not have the brick stamp, some pans have.
We didn't really mind because this part of the foundation will never be exposed.

Even though we will not be having a basement in this part of the house.
We had to pour our footings nearly five foot deep for a crawl space under the new addition.
We also finished the floor with a very rough thin layer of concrete for code compliance.

Thank goodness this part is done!
Next comes the fun stuff.
My husband is a builder by trade.
When the framing begins we will begin to see serious progress very quickly.
So exciting!

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