Saturday, May 11, 2013

Our Renovation - Interior French Doors

I am so excited to see the progress finally come together on our Cottage Reno.
Travis installed our interior french doors this week.
I am in LOVE!!!
I think this is my new favorite feature of our new home.
Modern & Classic Cottage Charm
I could hardly wait to share these because I was so extremely excited!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Love what you have done so far ad cant wait to see how you decorate your sweet cottage!

  2. Looking so charming . . . exciting indeed!

  3. They are lovely. French doors add such grace. You are really at the most exciting part of your reno when you're adding these touches!

  4. I love these doors too! Your hubby did a great job putting these doors in. They can really make a room look very classy. Have a great week.
    Xoxo. Michelle.


I love your comments! I appreciate each and every cottage visitor and hope you willll come back again soon! Carrie


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