Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Corn Husk Pom Poms

I thought I would give you a little DIY tutorial on some of the projects
I worked on for Witches Walk this week.  Many of them could be used for any event.

One of my favorite things I worked on was the
Corn Husk Pom Poms

I was first inspired to make these during the It's Fall Y'all party over at Centsational Girl.
Kate made them to hang over a Fall dining table setting.
Check out inspiration Corn Husk Pom Poms here.

I knew right away they would definitely be on my to do list when I had the perfect reason.
That perfect project turned out to be Witches Walk.
We needed something of impact to hang from the ceiling.
The natural element worked perfect with our Fall Harvest decor.
Thanks Centsational Girl for a great idea!

To make your own
1. 1 pack of dried corn husks (the ones in the grocery store used for tamales.)
I found that one pack can make between 4-5 pom poms. I used 3 total packs @ $5.99 ea.
2. I seperated the husks and stacked 12-15 together layering the small narrow ends
together stacking one on top of the other. 
3. I left the large fan like pieces facing outwards on opposite ends from each other.
4. Once I had a good bundle I pushed my ends in to strenghthen the middle.
5. Use some floral wire to wrap around the mid section several times.
6. Next I carefully began to seperate or shred the corn husks.
Be careful not to shred it completely apart you may lose a few pieces.
7. Lastly carefully shape yoru pom pom

Read more about Witches Walk here.


  1. Simple & Fun :)

    Love for you to link up at:
    "Made by ME" Linky Party at JAQS at http://www.jaqsstudio.com/2011/11/made-by-me-5-linky-party-and-features.html

  2. Love those corn husk pom poms! I'm enjoying browsing around your blog and love your style. I tried to follow and am hoping I did it right. It shows I'm a guest. ? Anyway..
    hope you have a great day!


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