Friday, November 11, 2011

Rustic Wood Table / Modern Mix

I know I've shared my living room photos with you all before.
But, today I thought I would focus in on one of my favorite "junk" finds.

The "Big Ass Table" as it was labled when I picked it up
at one of my local junk shops, Junk Asylum.
I just love the rustic worn old table top.
And those legs....the legs are what got me.
I love the detailing and the graphic shapes a little different than what you would
expect to see with a table top like this.

I currently have an assortment of modern white vases on my table.
You know I love to mix old and new.
That is actually why I'm posting about this table.

I'm considering painting the table legs.
What do you think???
I'm hoping to add an unexpected pop color and to mix it up a little more.
Do you think it will help make the table appear more vintage and modern mixed?
What about a bright yellow?
Things to consider - it will eventually be in a white room. 
So don't get carried away about the paint color on the wall currently.


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  1. Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This table looks so fabulous already. It's the rusty look of the legs that I love so much about this piece.


  2. I love it the way it is, it has great character:)


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