Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Canvas Painters Cloth Event Draperies

Here is a quick and easy solution to adding draperies to an event or party decor.
Why not try a canvas painters cloth?

Often times in a large space you need to help ground the area or soften the look.
A great solution is painters cloth. 
It also helps add antoher textural element to this outdoor event.
You can usually pick them up at your local hardware store for between $12-$20 bucks.

We actually have four here.
As you can see we created pleats at the top to help finish the look.
To hang the cloth simply use a staple gun and staple the pleats as you go.
Another tip...don't worry to much about the wrinkles.
Once you hang them and they have hung for a few hours the wrinkles will mostly come out.
If wrinkles persist I would suggest using a steamer, much quicker than ironing.

We didn't even bother sewing the cloths together.
We used simple jute to tie the drapes back.
It created a simple casual look and didn't break the bank.
It is also an easy fabric to dress up or down.
To see more of our {Witches Walk} event click here.


  1. Returning the follow from Happy Hour Projects. Thus looks great! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love using painters cloth for drapery! I just stenciled some for my living room and I'm posting them next week! Your event decor is beautiful!

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  4. I had a very similar idea with using this cloth for outdoor curtains, except I'm wanting to dye or paint them first. Thanks for the post!

  5. Love the drapes! Thinking of putting them in my home! Cute blog..come check me out when you can!!

  6. Great idea and good job!!


  7. Your entertainment area looks very elegant. I would never have guessed that you used drop cloths:) What a great idea!

  8. Another great idea for those drop cloths! Thanks for sharing it, Carrie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. That is so clever! It never occurred to me to use drop cloths as outdoor drapes. Next summer...

    Visiting from Funky Junk.


  10. Drop cloths are a treasure - this looks great in your event decor! I shared it on Facebook!


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