Monday, November 7, 2011

Pillow Talk Tuesdays - New Series

You all know how I have been on the hunt for modern touches for my decor.

What easier way to update a space and add a {Pop of Modern} than pillows???

I thought I would start a new series to compliment my hunt
for the perfect casual modern pillows to update our home.

{Pillow Talk Tuesdays}


This is one of my favorite combinations.
I love the bold geometric shapes with pops of color.
And who doesn't love the Hot House Flowers fabric from Schumacher?


I also think it is important when forming a group of pillows to make sure that you mix the
sizes and shapes up a bit.  Adding at least one lumbar size pillow is a perfect touch.
Just as they did here with the Imperial Trellis fabric lumbar pillow.


Mixing either a solid pillow or small print then complimenting
 with large more graphic pattern is a great idea too.
I'm really loving nearly anything Ikat right now.

What do you look for in a pillow?
What is your fav fab fabric right now?
Where do you pillow shop?
Are you interested in featuring your modern pillows here?
Please do tell...
I'd love to hear your thoughts:)


Also - I will be announcing the winner of the {Dream Pillow} Giveaway tomorrow.
Sorry for the delay!
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  1. Cute pillow choices! I love them too..I'm actually on the hunt for some new pillows for our living room. There are a couple of pillow covers my sister gave me that I really want to match with. Believe it or not, I'm posting about them this week :).

  2. I purchased all my new sofa pillows from wood liana and they are beautiful! She does great work. They are on my blog if you want to scope them out!

  3. I love these cute pillows! I am such a sucker for cute pillows- I want to buy more furniture just so I'll have more places to put throw pillows!

  4. Combining different pillow sizes with the same design would look fabulous! Well, the choice of which pillows to use would depend entirely on you. Personally, I love pillows that are round and big. I love hugging them tight to my chest! :)


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