Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Inn at Irish Hollow

So, this week nearly got away from me!
Sorry, I haven't posted much.  I've actually been working behind the scenes to
improve the overall look and feel of our blog.  It's getting there, but not completely done yet.

Where did I leave off???
Oh yeah....I was sharing my memories of our wedding since we celebrated our
2 year anniversary this week.  
So after all the festivities ended on our wedding night.
The next morning we had brunch at my Mom's.

the happy couple

And then we headed off to..

in Galena, Illinois

The drive from LeClaire to Galena is beautiful in the fall.
We drove along the Mississippi River in Illinois towards Galena.

the main guest house

The Stonewood Cottage

This was our honeymoon cottage.

It was absolutely charming. 
It was the picturesque charming countryside cottage. 
The Inn at Irish Hollow is just outside downtown Galena.
We drove through winding hillside country roads with rickety old fences
and Midwest farmhouses to arrive at our romantic retreat.

Old Orchard Cottage

There are several cottages at the Hollow.
If you are looking for a Midwest fall destination trip.
I would highly recommend a stay at The Inn at Irish Hollow.
It was the perfect ending to our magical wedding and honeymoon.
We celebrated our wedding along the Mississippi Riverfront.
We headed out on our scenic fall countryside drive.
And ended up at the most charming little cottage.
It was truly better than we imagined!

If I've inspired any of you to stay at the Inn, please let us know!
I'd love to hear about it!



  1. It looks lovely. Happy Anniversary. My anniversary is tomorrow - although we are 19 years...yikes. Thanks for stopping by and following...I am happy to follow you back.

  2. What a cute getaway! Thanks for stopping by today. The pics of your "cottage" are lovely.


I love your comments! I appreciate each and every cottage visitor and hope you willll come back again soon! Carrie


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