Monday, June 4, 2012

Our Renovation - Removing the Existing Addition ~ Part 1

Back of Our Home / Existing Addition

Our Renovation continues...

Well, needless to say I can barely keep up with the posts of our renovation.
Believe me we are still progressing!
We're so busy & I have been taking so, so MANY photos I really don't even know where to begin!
I thought I would do a few posts this week to catch you up to the present day.
I'm going to split this first one into a couple posts.

Another view from our backyard, of the back of the house before.

On a Friday afternoon immediately after work Travis & I got to work.
Say goodbye to the existing light blue vinyl siding!
Just as we suspected....
There was old painted white clapboard siding underneath.
Maybe....just maybe....
It will be in decent condition or maybe we can refurbish it.....

That was a short lived thought;)
(Okay, so I knew that would have been to good to be true.)

We fully expected to find pieced together holes & god knows what else.
And that we did!

You can see Travis strategically cutting large pieces of the roof to begin to
weaken the structure for the removal of the addition.

Our house was originally built in the 1880's.
We know that the addition you see here was added on at some point.
On the interior of the home this addition left much to be desired.
It was not structurely sound.
We knew from the beginning it would need to be removed completely from the home.
So, our plan was to gut the interior see more here.
Then remove the existing addition which has since been completed.
I will continue to post more pics of the tear down in a seperate post.

Back of Our Home After siding was removed.

To see more of the progress of Our Renovation go here.


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