Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Renovation - Accent Window Dilemma

The architectural detail of windows.
I love the architectural character added by the detailed design of the accent windows on this home.
I believe that windows can make our break any great home design plan.
Love the 3 windows in the peak.
Windows are the added character of the home's exterior.
They also add natural visual balance and warmth to a home both inside and out.
Windows are the main source for an abundance of natural light.
Every one of my ideas of the picture perfect dream cottage has an abundance of great windows.
The round windows in the peak.
I love the nod to a port hole with a round window in a peak.
Simple Single Square window in the peak.

That being said....
We have a window design dilemma!
Okay, so please try to work with me here.
Forget that the bushes are absolutely out of control and that that horrendous porch has got to go!
In due time my due time.
Please concentrate on the windows:)
Originally I shared that the reclaimed obsessed restoration admirer inside me
 wanted to save the architectural windows on the front of our home. I think they look like crap!
(Please excuse me, there really was no easy way of saying that.)
So, now I have to decide the best way to handle this dilemma.
I need your help!
Here is what I am thinking...
1.)  The Gable on the Left could be without a window.
We are thinking of using an accent siding on that gable.
We are also planning some extra details on the trim to add character, more on that later.
2.)  The gable on the right could be a single small square window.
The problem with this option is that the peak is slightly off center from the
 windows below and things like that drive Travis absolutely insane.
It really doesn't bother me.  You???
3.)  Use another window layout with small squares on the right gable.
Oh yeah...& that budget issue.
We have pretty much used up our window allowance.
So, whatever option we go with has to be affordable.
The accent windows do not necessarily need to open.
They are in the attic.
What are your thoughts???
Please share I really could use some good old
 fashioned blogger to blogger DIY advice!
all images from
the old shabby house that's ours:)


  1. Can you lower the window on the left? Make it a vertical rectangle? Same on the right? With heavier moldings? I love the fresh new facade.

    1. The window on the left is a bit strange. It's actually a door inside upstairs. It can't be lowered unfortunately. But, I do really like the idea of a vertical rectangle window. So many options... Carrie

  2. Do they need to be replaced? I like the current little windows but I have a love for all things arched. I would add a grid to the one on the left. There are so many choices when remodeling. I have only been following you for a short time but I am enjoying your blog.

    1. Thanks so much for following Traci! I like the arch too, but I think they have to be replaced. Next to the new windows they are pretty shabby, crooked & beyond repair.

  3. I am a novice on this kind of thing. . . no expert at all.

    As I look at the front and see the two windows in the gables . . . I think your idea of accent siding and eliminating the window would look best. I tend to think in ones, threes and fives. So the 'two' seem to be like two friends not getting along and they are staying far apart from one another . . . and aren't working together.

    On the right side I think some kind of molding facade trin under the single window might add a new detail focus and then repeat the molding facade elsewhere on the front to create continuity. I also wonder about an angled shutter with the gabled window but not sure if the shuttered look is what you want.

    In the last example photo, the molding trim under the window I like . . . not a fan of the cedar shake look on the rear peak though. In your house examples . . . Some had too much trim going on, some not enough, like the first photo.

    I love to hear the ideas . . . I hope more people comment. Good luck and remember to ENJOY the process!

    1. Lynne, we are actually planning to run white molding on the right slightly above the two lower windows to break up that space a bit. Then adding molding on other parts for consistancy. I am kind of thinking of going with a single window on the upper right. I love to group in odd numbers too.

  4. I really like your idea of special siding in the area on the left, but is there any way you could do a palladium window on the right? You really do need a window in that location for the balance. Just sayin'.

  5. Windows are such a difficult choice because you know you won't be changing them twice! What I did was take my camera out with me whenever I was going somewhere and snap pictures of houses whose windows seemed interesting... Then compare prices and choose! Good luck with that!

  6. LOL I have had a rough week at work. This requires too much thought !
    SO I am going to bookmark your site and come back ! :) It looks fun ! :)

  7. I've got an idea, AND it would be in your budget: window boxes. The window on the left is a bit high. A window box would visually lower it. For the window on the right, I would get rid of the grids. Maybe that will help alleviate the 'not lining up with the lower window' problem. Plus, a window box will draw your eyes so that you don't notice that they don't line up. Make a water reservoir for each planter, so that it's easier to water your plants.

  8. No matter what design you choose for an exterior window, set it off with the elements around it. That window on the left is not really high - it’s actually small. Replacing it with a divided or cut-up window would even out your windows. Replace that one with the arc on the right as well. You may also add planter boxes to add a decorative touch on your windows.

    Marla Hinds

  9. “…windows can make our break any great home design plan.” – I agree with this one. Windows greatly affect overall design of your home. That’s why it is important that you choose carefully what design or style to best fit your house. Take your time in choosing.

  10. Windows can really make or break the overall appeal of your house. If I may suggest, maybe you can go with round windows instead of arched windows, it’d be much better if you just stick with all square windows.


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