Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Renovation ~New Windows

We have been busy at work on our renovation the last two weeks.
Starting with prepping for the new windows to go in.
Removing the remaining old siding on the house.
Wrapping the entire house in house wrap before the siding goes on.
(You can also see part of the new roof in this photo.)
And last, but certainly not least, installing new windows.
Yesterday Travis installed our new windows!
We chose to go with the Thermastar Vinyl Windows from Pella.
As you know, Travis is a contractor.
He works with all different brands of windows and different quality levels and price ranges.
From a contractor's point of view, the Thermastar from Pella
were a good quality & affordable option for us.
As you can see, we have a few remaining older windows still.
The house has an upper level.
The upstairs is somewhat strange & the ceiling heights are very low.
We chose not finish the upstairs for now.
So, the remaining older windows....well...I suppose you could say are still up for debate.
We plan to change out the older windows on the side of the house eventually.
But, trying to stretch our budget as far as we can we are leaving them for now.
French doors that will entually lead to our deck & patio area.
I have always wanted to have french doors in my kitchen.
I'm so excited!!!
These windows are actually my favorite windows from the inside.
They are part of the kitchen.
They also have some of the best views in the house.
They sit up just high enough that, through our neighbor's trees
you can catch glimpses of the Mississippi River.


It's very exciting to finally begin to see some major progress around here!
We may actually get to move in one day!
Ok, maybe I'm getting just a bit ahead of myself...
So, maybe there is still a LOT of work to do, but we are gaining on it.
Thanks for being patient with my blog posting that as been sparadic at best lately!
I'll try my best to keep updating you!
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  1. I just checked out the pics of your progress the past while. This house is going to look so beautiful when you are finished. It's quite an undertaking but will be worth it when it's finished. Can't wait to see more. Blessings, Pamela

  2. How exciting to see the windows go in. It is looking more and more like "a dream come true.". I look forward to each and every update! Instead of watching Sarah's House . . . I look forward to the Corson Cottage!

  3. I've been watching your updates for a while but haven't commented yet. The French doors look incredible, can I ask how you sat them in the bed of the wall? Even with the advice from I still can't find the gauge.

  4. It is good that you chose to install vinyl windows for your house. Vinyl windows are considered energy-efficient windows because they help with the insulation of houses. Additionally, vinyl windows are capable of blocking out or reducing any sounds coming from the outside, so you’ll definitely enjoy some peace and quiet inside. Anyway, what did you do with the remaining windows upstairs?

  5. It seems you have a major renovation on the way! How's the progress as of now? I must say, you're very lucky to have Travis! He should save you a lot on manpower costs for your ongoing renovation! Congratulations, in advance! :)


  6. I love the windows as they are; they have so much character. Look at the Walpole Fencing Site. They have some really cool "woodwork" or vinyl arbors and such that could look great on your house.

  7. It looks exciting! I want to see how the overall look would turn out! Anyway, the roof shingles are completely installed already, right? It would be best to start maintaining your roof as early as possible. Do make it a habit to check your roof for dirt or loose shingles, especially if it just rained or if there were strong winds.

    Roslyn Petermann

  8. Vinyl windows are a good choice. Aside from it contributing to the aesthetic value of your home, it’s also energy efficient. This type of window allows in enough natural light and air in your home, thus saving you from turning on the lights, heaters, and fans or air conditioners during the day.

  9. I, too, really love the idea and sight of French doors in the kitchen that lead outside. It makes a very romantic and ambient setting. You could have a charming dining set outside to enjoy dinner with your loved ones. It’s been two months since this post; has the wrapper come off now? I’d love to see what the result of the renovation!

    -- Barrett Elmore


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