Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Renovation ~ Choosing Exterior Siding Part 2

If you guessed that we selected the Certainteed Mainstreet Double 4" Vinyl Siding, you were correct.
This is the exterior siding material choice we have gone with on our home.
  If you haven't checked out Part 1 of Choosing Exterior Siding click here for a Reno catch up.
As I stated in Part 1, choosing siding pretty much all came down to budget.
I will admit, I was just a lil bit disappointed.
If you read my first post about choosing siding, you know this wasn't necessarily my top pick.
I knew all along, it may come down to this, but I am an optimist, so I held out hope:)
Don't get me wrong, I most certainly do not want to sound ungrateful,
I truly am absolutely thrilled with how our home is turning out!!!
But, when you realize this may be the only time you get to make these decisions, you want to make absolutely sure the choices you make for your home will stand the test of time.
I want our home to have an exterior modern & timeless cottage feel.
I know that aesthetic would have been best captured by
 more natural material or more natural looking materials.
A little Renovation Reality...
Don't get me wrong, we have gone over on some things & came in under on others.
But, for us sticking to our budget is a must in the end.
It's also part of what we originally set out to do.
Make the home of our dreams on a budget & that is exactly what we are doing!
We may still add some character and dimension in the gables on the front of our home.
But, just as I have to wait & see on that one so do you!  Ha:)
So, now that the big siding decision is out of the way it's on to the fun stuff!
Time to choose a siding color.
Wanna help?
We have it narrowed down to three options.
1. Granite Gray
2. Flagstone
3. Pacific Blue
{Views from the Outside}
1. Granite Gray
2. Flagstone

3. Pacific Blue
Our Home Renovation
(The porch is still coming off & the upper windows to be replaced.)
Well...what do ya think???
Whats' your favorite?
Which would you pick?
Which would you pick for us?
Want to see more of Our Cottage Renovation click here.


  1. My vote is for the granite gray, as it feels the most timeless. Hard to know from photos though, and they are all nice colors. You will be perfectly happy with it once you add details (shutters, flowerboxes, etc.) it really just becomes a backdrop. This has been my own experience anyway! I'm a new follower and loving seeing your progress. - Cheryl

  2. I vote for granite gray. The others are simply too dark for the exterior of a home. Good luck!

  3. The house renovations have come a long way, and it looks like everything’s faring pretty nicely. :D I would also vote for granite gray since the roof already has a tinge of blue in it. The contrast of colors between the siding and roof would be a great combination. By the way, make sure that your roof is inspected annually so that you can patch up any small damage that may have occurred.

    Elizabeth Hoffnung

  4. For timeless . . . I think the Ggranite Gray as well . . . Interesting the drastic change from inside and outside photos . . .

  5. It is really hard to see what the true colors are but I would pick the Flagstone as long as it is not too blue. The trend is toward more saturated colors on both the exterior and interiors. I am enjoying watching the progress.

  6. I was going to vote for Pacific Blue as the color for your siding, but then I saw that you have a dark-colored roof (well done in keeping with the awesome trend). Dark on dark doesn’t always work out great on houses, unless it’s an earthier tone. Since you’ve got a dark roof, I’m also voting for Granite Gray. Good luck with the rest of your home construction!

  7. For me, either of the first two options would be appealing. The Pacific Blue is the closest shade to the roof. Unless, you want a one-color exterior, I guess it would be perfect. That’s just my opinion. Anyway, what did you pick for the house? :)

  8. “You will make compromises. Budget is budget” -- You are definitely right! These are one of the essential things that you need to think about first before everything else. The design and how you want your house to look will come after because after all, it will be the one to fuel the extent of what you can do for your house design and materials.

    Kermit Lukacs

  9. So what color did you pick for the siding? It was a tough choice to make but I think I might go with the flagstone. It’s not as striking as pacific blue but it’s not as dull as the granite gray.


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