Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our Renovation - Drywall Finishing & Prepping for Paint

Immediately after Travis completed the drywall installation, the drywall finish began.
Mudding & taping the drywall was the one job of this entire project that we hired to be completed.
It is a skill that is best left for a professional.
We made that decision in the very beginning & never waivered one bit.
Mudding a taping can be a very tedious job.
If it is not done correctly it can ruin the walls in your home.
We thought it best to take no chances on this process.
It is also an extremely messy job.
So, we put resin paper down throughout the entire house to help with clean up.
It made it so much easier.
Tear up the paper.  Roll it up.  Throw it out.  Done.
The Mudding / Taping / Ceiling Finish took about 5-6 days overall.
They do a layer, let it dry, do a layer let it dry.
You get the point.
In the meantime it's time to choose paint colors & flooring!
They are up next on the list.


  1. Isn't it funny how much excitement we renovation junkies get from pictures of mudded dryway? But I did get that little rush when I saw yours! Anyone can see how great it's all going to be. Are you putting three individual lights over the kitchen windows? Congrats on your progress!
    - Cheryl

  2. Nuts and bolts are pretty much finished and now some of the fun part begins! Enjoying I bet!


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