Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our Renovation - Interior Inspirations


I've really been working hard to make sure that I have a nice collection of inspiration images.
I believe it is a necessary part of the process during a renovation of any size.
Or even just a redocrating project.
When you see rooms that inspire you, they make you feel good, cozy and warm.
Giving you the feeling that you are home.
In order for you to feel the easy relaxed and casual feeling of home.
You have to surround yourself with things that you love.
I believe that the fabrics, colors and textures you bring into a home help soothe the soul.
You can see all of inpirations images on my Pinterest boards here.
I have also created a special board to help inspire the Corson Cottage Renovation.
You can follow that board here.
 image via Google Cottage Living
These images are a few of my favorites that I have collected over time.
Some of them, I pinned on Pinterest.
Truth be told I have actually saved old Cottage Living magazines for years also,
with some of these images in mind for one day when...
Finally that day has arrived!
It's almost starting to seem surreal.
We are currently making choices on flooring, paint, cabinets, counter tops, and lighting.
I want to make sure that the choices we make will all make sense.
I believe that a home should have a cohesive look and feel throughout the entire home.
I also think a home is a relection of you and your family.
A home should reflect your lifestyle and how you will live in your space.
Surround yourself with what makes you feel comfortable.
Make sure that the comforts of home are also functional for the way you live everyday.
Take the things you love about each photo or blog post that inspires you.
What is it that you really love about it?
Is the color, a texture a mood?
Those are the things to think about when planning your space.
Find a way to bring what you love from the things that inspire you into your home.
That is how you will create the home of your dreams.
Trust me when I say, this can be done on any budget.
I hope you see some things here that inspire you.
Hopefully you can see the look and feel I hope to create in our cottage home.
I may need some help choosing finishing options, so I would love your input in the posts to come.

I would love for you to follow me on Pinterest too.
Click here to see my Pinterest boards.
If you see something you think would be a great inspiration for our renovation, let me know.
I would love to see it!

 Have a great relaxing weekend!

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