Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Renovation - A Fresh Coat of White Interior Paint

As I shared over the weekend, we have been moving full speed ahead on our reno!
Unfortunately for my blog friends, you are a bit behind due our internet issues.
I apologize, but will do my best to cath you up soon.
For those of you who have followed The Corson Cottage for a while,
you may recall how much I loved
the renovation of our 4 season room at Our First House.
It was all white.
White Walls, White Trim, White Washed Painted Wood Floors.
When it came to our new home, I knew from the beginning,
(like before we even had walls to consider painting:)
that choosing paint color would be an easy decision.
White Painted Walls & Trim.
Throughout the entire home.
I want our home to have a modern cottage feel.
Come to find out...
Selecting the perfect white paint, can be just a bit more challenging than you think.
Here's where we started.
Option 1
As much as I adore Simply White by Benjamin Moore,
it is a very popular white paint for a cottage style home.
At $65-70 per gallon, well it simply wasn't in our budget.
Option 2
At $130 per 5 Gallon Container, this was a contender.
I am extremely partial to Behr paint.
I've used it on several projects and it always ends up being my favorite.
I think Behr offers a great paint, at an affordable price and great coverage.
Option 3
At just $81.87 per 5 Gallon Container,
 Olympic Ultra White available at Lowes seemed to offer yet another good option.
A good paint brand at a good price point.
 Ultimately we decided to save a little money here & go with Olympic.
Every little bit helps and it stretches the budget in other areas
when you are working on a project of this magnitude.
Originally we planned to paint the entire house ourselves.
Well as our timeline sretched, so did our patience a bit.
We decided to have our drywall finishers paint the walls also.
They gave us a price that we couldn't refuse & our walls were all painted in about 4 days.
If there is one thing that I personally have learned a thing or two about
over the course of our fixer upper and renovation journies, it's paint.
I have painted nearly every single room and trim in every home we have lived in.
Travis is the builder & I am the painter.
He normally does the tough stuff & I handle the more delicate details.
So, here is my word of advice when selecting white paints.
1. My personal go to all time Favorite is Behr Ultra White.
I happen to love a bright crisp white.
I have found that the best white paint is the ultra white paint straight out
of the white paint container of most brands.
2. Still not sure, want to check it out for yourself.
Select a variety of white paint samples.
Take them home to the room you intend to paint.
I always start by eliminating those that are just all wrong.
3. Narrow your choice down to 2-3.
4. Paint a sample area on a wall or a seperate extra piece of wood in the room you're painting.
5. Choose your perfect shade of white & the perfect finish for the look you are trying to achieve.
 Still interested in hearing more about how to select the perfect white paint?
Stay tuned for our next post.
We'll go over how to select your perfect paint for trim.

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  1. Thanks for the great white paint picks, I'm sure your white will look beautiful too!


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