Friday, March 2, 2012

Bidding Farewell Part 2 ~ Our First Home the Living Room

Hey there! 
Guess what???
Tomorrow is our big day!
Moving day is almost here...

So, tonight in between packing final boxes I thought I would continue on with our Farewell tour.
Come on inside to our Living Room.
If you missed the first part of the tour you can check it out here in Part 1.
For those of you who haven't heard, we are moving out of our first home.
We are moving back to the small country town of LeClaire, Iowa nesteled on the
riverbanks of the Mighty Mississippi River.
We are so excited to start the next chapter of our lives back in our hometown.

This is our living room of our first home.
While there are certain elements I love in this room, the room has definitely taught me a thing or to about
what I want and do not want in our next home and the mistakes I have made & will learn from.
 Goodbye dark Haybail walls!  Sorry to say, you will not be missed!

I love all of the natural wood vintage farmhouse style furniture that we have acquired.
All of these charming pieces, full of character will definitely be making the move with us!

I love all the bright white trim in this house and the large windows that let the sunshine in.
 Definitely a top priority for the remodel in our next home...LOTS of natural light!

I love this little nook in our living room.
It was the perfect space for our gallery wall.
You will be missed!
I will definitely have to find a space in our new home for a gallery wall.
I have a thing for photos.
I always will require a space to display our most cherished memories.

So that is it for our Living Room.
Goodbye cozy comfortable living room.
I know that Travis will miss you the most!

Stop back by for more of our Farewell Tour of Our First Home.
We hope you'll join us as we say goodbye.
Don't forget to come along on our renovation journey of our next home.

Have you left behind your first home?
Were you excited?  Sad? 
I would love to hear about it.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Be sure to stop back to watch for the progress on our new home.

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  1. Well I have to say that I was sad and happy at the same time if that makes sense. Sad to leave my friends and family and happy to start life over again! I left my hometown in PA over 6 months ago to move to the Low Country. I love it so far! Still working on my new home and all that comes with it!

    Best of luck to you!

  2. I think one of the most exciting things about moving is being able to recreate the spaces you have. Rearranging furniture in new configurations, seeing artwork highlighted again on a new wall, it's very fun. Happy moving!

  3. We moved into our first "owned" home together almost two years ago after renting for many years. We actually have an in-law quarters in our new house that my mother resides in and an apt. in the basement that my oldest daughter lives in. It's been fun just having a yard and last spring/summer with doing gardening and growing our own crop of veggies and herbs!

    Our house is still a work in progress and as I go from blog to blog I get some many beautiful ideas that my list of things to do is ever growing. Next on our list is redoing our upstairs bath...wish us luck as I wish you luck in your new home!



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