Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Renovation ~ Interior Befores ~ Good.Bad & Ugly.

Good.Bad. & Ugly
& REeally Ugly!

Fair Warning....Full Disclosure.

These photos are NOT for the faint of heart DIY Renovators!
This is the real deal!
The down & dirty of renovating.
If you are looking to see the pretty pictures, (no offense of course) please leave now.
Feel free to come back to see our before & afters, please!
If I still haven't scared you away & this gets your spirit going!
Here goes...

We purchased a cottage home originally built in the 1880's.
It had been updated maybe in the 70's & added on to one to many times.
It was a foreclosure property that we got for a steal.

Renovations are currently underway.
We are doing it all on a budget!

Welcome to our dream home!
(HA!  We must be insane!) maybe not just yet...but wait for it!

Living Room

Potential: Opening up the layout to an open concept Living/Kitchen/Dining

It's not a huge home by any means.
But opening the space to an open concept & replacing the existing addition with a new larger one,
It will turn out to be about 1536 square feet.
Not bad for a 3 bedroom 2 bath cottage home.

Living Room
#1 Say goodbye to the drop ceiling!
Potential: Say hello to 10 foot ceilings & loads of natural light.


Potential: Open Concept & Dream Island

Potential: Access to the back patio we plan to add.


Well really this was bedroom/laundry & seriously the stinkiest room EVER!
Potential: Brand New Addition!  Master Bedroom/Bath/Walk-in Closet

Bedroom 2
Potential: Bedroom 2 / Guest Bedroom

Bedroom 3

Potential: Bedroom / Home Office


Seriously we could win that show about the WORST bathroom!
This is absolutely disgusting!
Potential: New Addition!  Brand New Bathroom

Okay, so did you make it until the end of the post?
Wow, you must be serious about DIY!
Hope you'll stick around to watch our progress as our dream unfolds!
Click here to follow our progress.


  1. you were right, yikes! I just can not wait to see the finished project. Good luck!!!!!!!!!

  2. the bathroom fixtures! the kitchen! me oh my! but the potential! & the dream fun...yes, indeedy...LOTS of potential & am already looking forward to seeing those amazing changes! :)

  3. I see a lot of potential here. The original solid wood doors, the yellow tub and sink (I actually think those are cool) and some great natural light. Oh my on that dropped ceiling. I hope it's hiding some fantastic exposed beams. LOL Definitely a project but what a fun project too.

  4. Yup, that was SERIOUSLY ugly!! I had the same bathroom fixtures in the bathroom I just gutted - glad I only have the bathroom to do... Yikes, have fun with your reno.


  5. Re-do, Remodel, Renovate.... it always gets ugly before the beauty can shine in. Good luck and I'll be back to see all the hard work you two put into this little cottage. :-)

  6. Oh boy.... your new home is about to get some serious LOVE.... or should I say tough love! Can't wait to see all the changes... and hang in there, speaking from experience it will get worse before it get better! But it will get better!
    dee dee

  7. We are currently in the middle of a renovation as well. A 1900 home remodeled in the 1970's. The current state has me a little frazzled but I can see how beautiful it will look in a few months.
    Keep plugging away, I can't wait to see the finished rooms.

  8. Yikes - but good bones. We have been working on our foreclosure for 20 years, so best of luck. It is all just money and time. It is funny, now we are at the point where we have to start replacing some of the things we already put in, heating, hot water tanks, stove, oh my.

  9. wow!! are you guys on a mission from god? i guess if i was still young i wouldn't be scared, but boy that looks like alot of work, hard work!!
    good luck, and i will be following the progress!!

  10. Thanks for the warning at the beginning of the post! I must be a little sick because I love to see these before shots. There is so much potential here...

  11. I made it to the end :)

    Good luck / you have alot of work ahead but as you go along you can be so proud of yourself :)


I love your comments! I appreciate each and every cottage visitor and hope you willll come back again soon! Carrie


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