Wednesday, March 21, 2012

~ Welcome Spring ~

Let's all give a warm welcome to Spring!
She certainly has arrived in great style this year.
Record high temps abound.
We are actually probably 3-4 weeks ahead of season here in Iowa.
How are things where you are?

I just wanted to fill you all in on my blogging absence.
Since we have moved back to my Mother's during our renovation, life has been
That is putting it mildly!
Let me catch you up to speed...

1. Sold our House
2. Moved back to Mom's
3. Started Demo on New House
4. Closed on our old house
5. Full Time Job is Crazy Right Now
6. Planning Wedding Shower for my soon to be Sister-In-Law
7. Ordered invitations
8. Working on Shower Decor
9. Making plans on new house
10. Helping out at Dwellings a little bit
11. Helping my first client with some interior design
12. Oh yeah, & internet connection issues at Mom's.  To be fixed soon!
Making blogging daily about all of this difficult.

Well....that about sums it up!
And that has all been in the last two weeks!!!

So, as I have promised previously, I will be posting some pics of the new home soon.


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