Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Renovation ~ Demolition

Demolition has begun!!!
Well truly, demo began back in the beginning of March.
We have been so busy, that it is difficult to keep up on my renovation posts.
Let me begin to catch you up to speed.

If you missed Our Renovation befores take a look
here and here.

Come on in & we'll show you what we've been up to!

All in a day's work.
No...literally Travis & a buddy did all of this demo on a Saturday.
I was absolutely blown away amazed!
I had no idea demo would go so quick.

The Living Room.
Bet you've never cleaned a mess quite like this before.
That disgusting pile is about 1-2 foot deep.

The Living Room Ceiling

From the Living Room looking into the Dining Room area.

He has spotted a treasure in the  upstairs to show me.

Let there be light.
There is 120 year old door upstairs that serves the purpose of a window.
Do you suppose the house originally had a balcony?
I would love to find out.
This is really some of our first glimpse of what is upstairs.
The upstairs had been completely closed off.
Because it is an old home the upstairs appears have been originally
almost loft like.  The ceilings are not full height.
There are two seperate rooms. Maybe at one time they were bedrooms.
There are no remaining stairs to access the second floor in the house,
 though we can see where they once were.
Because of the ceiling height we are not planning to remodel this part of the house for now.
Although, that totally bums me out.....
I think it would make the perfect reading nook or look out tower with great river views.
But, it just was not in the original budget & that is something we have to stick too!
Travis also said that without completely rebuilding & raising the roof line,
we would have to drop the ceiling height on the main level in order for those
rooms to be full height.....NO WAY!  I LOVE the tall ceilings on the main level!
Another down fall was that we would have to reconfigure the entire floor plan to
accomodate stairs leading to the second floor. 
 Stairways eat up a lot of square footage quickly in a smaller home.
So, again we wayed the pros & cons & he won....for now....

The kitchen & dining room

This is the existing addtion / bedrooms.
Which we plan to remove & rebuild.


Bedroom looking into the other bedroom & addition.

I think at this point some folks think we may be a bit on the crazy side.
Not us!  Dreams are coming true here for us!
It has been truly amazing to be back in our home town.
I can not begin to tell you how many visitors & guests
we have already had on the first weekend at the new house. 
All of our friends & family have stopped by to see the progress & lend a hand.
I really don't think we had a free moment to spare for at about the first two weeks.
I can't remember a time when we had guests & my house was this dirty...
Thank you so much to all of you!!!
It means the world to us both.

Keep checking our progress!
Lots more to come.




  1. Oh my! Such a mess but so exciting!

  2. It's going to be awesome when it's done. I too, like you, would want to do something with that upstairs area. But a budget is a budget so no pouting, okay? LOL

  3. I just have to ask; where are you guys sleeping during all of this? In the house? Wow, that is quite a redo but I'm so excited for you both! Keep those pictures coming!

  4. I'm stopping in from the blog hop. I'm following. I host a weekly link party on Wednesdays and I'd love for you to link up your latest posts. You can find me at

  5. Sweet!!!

    : )

    Julie M. (fellow gutter ; )

  6. You just gave me a flashback episode of our tear out last year. I thought ours was the worst ever, but sister your win the prize!! That upstairs window/door is pretty fascinating. Have you tried to find old pics of your house? It would be so awesome to know what was there. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  7. Hi! Visiting from the Shabby Creek Cottage. Wow wow wow! What a demo! I cant believe that all got done in a day! Thats amazing!

    Im your newest follower.. because I want to see whats to come! I would love a follow back if you like my site too. And please feel free to share this at my Friday party starting tomorrow!


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