Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fresh Summer Scents

Coast by Hillhouse Naturals

Here are a few of my favorite Summer scents available Summer 2012 at Dwellings.
I love to have a few fresh scents around the house each new Season.
Speciality candles make the perfect hostess or shower gifts for any occassion.
I even keep a few around the house for an impromptu dinner party or small thank you in a pinch.
Most of the candles shown here range from $18-28, a great price for a small upscale gift.

Marine Blossom Reserve

Honeysuckle Moss by Hillhouse Naturals

I hope you don't mind my Dwellings updates periodically on my blog.
My brother's shop is a big part of my life.
It also gives me a place to work on my photography skills a bit & showcase my creativity.
I have been doing all the photos & updates for Dwellings on Facebook this year.
I really enjoy getting to help out my brother while doing something that I love.
So, just in case you are wondering why I am always posting about Dwellings lately,
I thought I would fill you in a little.
I constantly get questions about whether or not Dwellings has a website.
Unfortunately, at this time we do not.
It is definitely a  big goal to be online in the somewhat near future.
I am very excited to say that I will also be a part of the website development & launch eventually.
But, unfortunately for will have to settle for my photos unless
you are willing to make a trip to LeClaire, Iowa & visit Dwellings in person.

Fresh Cut Grass by Hillhouse Naturals

Aunt Sadies ~ Lemonade

Nature by Hillhouse Naturals

The Shabby Nest

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