Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Afternoon ~ Junking

This post is going to be VERY random.
I can not sleep because I am completely obsessed passionate about all the ideas
that are going through my head for our new house.

We are really making progress on our renovation.
I need to keep posting more updates so please stay tuned.
To be totally honest....sometimes I focus to much on the end result.
The Design Plan....of course.
(Yes, I get too involved in the way its going to look in the end.)

My husband does all the dirty work....poor guy.
He reminds me daily that it is not time to choose the finishes yet.
We have a bit more work to do....
To help clear my head I thought I would share my Saturday afternoon with you.

This afternoon somewhere between being the cleaning lady,
the errand runner & the wife of a renovator I was able to squeeze in just a bit of "me time".
On my way to the grocery store I stopped by one of my favorite sale barns.
The Coal Valley Sale Barn
(Okay, so it may not have been a direct route....I may have had to go into another state:)
Don't judge....we live on the Iowa/Illinois border, so going into another state wasn't that crazy!

{For my Friend Cathy}
Cathy ~ If you are reading this post I'm sorry I didn't call when I was in your neighborhood today!
She will not be pleased that I didn't call her to meet me at the sale barn.
Promise ~ I really was hurrying through.

I was actually just checking to see if there were any great deals on distressed furniture pieces.
I like to stop by my favorite booths every few weeks to check out the new finds.
It has been far too long since my last trip to the sale barn.
I didn't really see what I was looking for, but of course I found some great rustic unique pieces.

How fabulous is this rustic old fishing net?
I LOVE it!
Our new home is in LeClaire, a historic little rivertown.
This could be really great hanging from the tall ceilings for a nod to the rivertown charm.

But....then again I don't know that I want the feel to be that rustic.
I want it to be relaxed modern cottage with a little classic element to.

We'll have to wait & see.
There are a few pieces that caught my eye today.
I have to think about it a little more.

Does anyone else do that?
Sometimes I have to go home & think through my design decisions.
I really want to make the right choices for our new home.
I don't want to buy on impulse.
Or settle just because it was in budget.
I want to work really hard to achieve the right look while staying in budget.

Sorry for this completely random post!
Thanks for being my sounding board.

Happy Weekend!



  1. Looks like my kind of place :) My husband is the "worker" too...I keep him busy with projects...and I am usually following him around chatting about more projects I have in my head. Poor guys :) Laurel

  2. I would love to spend some time in that barn!! Looks wonderful.


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