Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Renovation ~ Excavating

The renovation pushes on...
Back in May the Excavation Crew took over.
Luckily for us, we happen to know them pretty well.
Travis' Uncle owns an excavation company & they were our obvious choice.
Travis' Uncle, his Dad & his cousin were at our house bright & early on a Friday in May.
I even took off work a bit early that day just to watch.
It was really pretty exiciting.
I have NEVER seen so much dirt.
For those of you who may not know, we are renovating a home originally built in the 1880's.
In our hometown of historic LeClaire, Iowa we are building our dream.
Don't worry....
We have a vision.
We removed the old additions that were structurally not sound & now we are on to the dirt work.
This is on the back of the house.
We have to remove the ground in order to pour the foundation footings
for the new addition that is going on the back of the hosue and crawl space below.
As you can see we have some foundation issues that need to be addressed to.

A view from the back yard.
We have a little shady nook behind our garage that is the perfect perch to watch the progress.

Travis & his Dad
I just love this photo:)
It's really very special watching a father & son get to work side by side on a project like this.
They are good ol farm boys who are made for this kind of thing.
It's extra special because my father in-law is part of the excavating crew & Travis is our builder.

There are days in renovation that remind you exactly why you choose to do this in the first place.
This was definitely one of those days.

End of Excavating Day 1
Remember my favorite little perch.... it's slowly disappearing.

Day 2

Okay, so I have to admit I was in pure shock!
What had happened to my quiant & charming yard that drew me to this house originally???
It's gone!
Excavating turned out to be a little more than I bargained for.
I guess I just wasn't exactly prepared for how different the yard would be.
But, I can not help but be overwhelmed by the progress that has been made here in two days.
We will put our yard back together....eventually....

End of Excavating Day 2

Well, my shady nook has become a dirt pile.
Stay tuned...for the Foundation.



  1. The word TASK has taken on a new meaning . . . Having read your rennovation posts and read your other posts, seeing your taste and style, I am "magnet pulled" to each Corson Cottage entry that appears in my reader.

    I am staying on "my perch" and ready to view the foundation from your "new observation perch!

    (No doubt . . . the FINISH will be stellar!)

  2. What an exciting time for you...lots of action!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

  3. Such hard work! Thanks for the that the family is called upon.

  4. WOW!! Looks like fun! Good luck with everything! I found you over at FJI...think I'll follow along to see how it all ends up :) Laurel

  5. I love this. I just purchased a little country cottage also and can't wait to fix it up. I was loving every step then stopped. :0( Would love to see the final results.


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